EG Big Buds Formula

BIG BUDS Formula

Use Big Buds in the following applications:

  • Registered Organic & Non-GMO
  • Bigger Buds & Blooms
  • Larger & Stronger Plants
  • Ideal for Hydroponic & Conventional Growing
  • Probiotic for the Soil & Water
  • Organic Healthier Better Tasting Herbs
  • Reduces Salt & Chemical Build-Up
  • Balances PH

Growing plant

Hydroponic Growing: Mix 8 ounces of product to 1 gallon of water and add to hydroponic system weekly or bi-weekly. Formula can also be added to any type of misting system for foliar spraying in the same dilution or full strength. You can add your favorite nutrients to the solution.

Conventional Growing: Plant in the best organic potting soil possible or if growing in the ground, add some organic soil to planting area. Pre-soak seeds 1 to 2 hours before planting for seed germination. For additional benefits add Big Buds to misting system or spray with diluted product on leaves, buds and stems. You can add your favorite nutrients to the solution.